How To Play MC

Hello People and welcome to our website. You've probably come here to try out Premium Minecraft for free. Click here or the above tab "Play Online" to start playing Minecraft.

When loading Minecraft there might be a security warning please select "i Accept the risk and want to run this application" --> Click Run

Don’t worry this isn’t a Virus, it will show the same warning sign if you played it from - Please keep in mind this is only for try out and not an alternative method for getting Minecraft for free. If your still unsure about the running it - you are welcome use virus check tools to check out our site

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MINECRAFT - What Is it ?

Minecraft is a Single / Multiplayer sandbox game created by a Swedish programmer called Notch on May 2009 as a PC Game. Later android and Xbox version were released. The game itself is currently £17.95 for a PC version and over 11 Million sold on PC/Mac Alone. You can play the game in many different modes, some include survival, creative and hard-core each different in its own ways. The game is been developed and improved since its first release and still is today to try out the full version of the game Click Here